Silva is the new sonic journey from POAN.

Silva embodies the acoustic experience of an imaginary night journey through a forest full of singing and dancing creatures.

As a listener you are invited to be guided by every single sound to the essence of the forest where the dark embraces the light, bringing its own music to life.

This record is dedicated to our number one fan and friend Michele whose inner strength has proven to all of us that any goal can be achieved.

No sampled nor pre-recorded sounds feature in this album

Lorenzo Mantovani: acoustic guitar, ocarinas, flutes , birdcall whistle, sansula, kalimba, charango, drop vessels, spiral pipes, bar chimes, chimes, frog buzzer, leaves, water, live looping

Giacomo Barbari: Udu, shakers, claves, cymbals, birdcall whistles, castanets, coconut shells, jawharp, nut shaker, caxixi, vibratones, bar chimes, boomwakers, rainsticks, guiro, jamblock, bass drum, floor tom, frog buzzer, leaves, water

Mixed by Lorenzo Mantovani
Mastered by Dario Casillo

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