Nuova uscita su Outtallectuals Collective!

Esce l’ultimo lavoro di Lo.Renzo in una grande compilation firmata Outtallectuals collective insieme a tre remix delle collaborazioni con Martins Garden e Mettakin.

Dalla presentazione ufficiale:

Presenting ‘Found in Translation’; the first annual Outtallectuals remix compilation featuring new renditions of songs from the OUTTA### catalogue. In a total of 14 tracks, over 40 artists contribute originals or remixes to this project from many corners of the planet, bringing a rich blend of cultures to the sonic table.

The results are not easy to pin down but expect anything from Mongolian and Byzantine dubstep & Himalayan beats to minimal Japanese drum n bass & Colombian techno cumbia dub.
Here you can find my remix for Wu Wei x Subleeminal’s “balancing act”, hear some great remix of my collaborations with Martins Garden and Mettakin along many more tracks form great artists!

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