New collaboration with Natalie Lain and Key-G


Living Water is a song that captures a special moment in nature, when everything is peaceful and still.
Nature, just like life, has its ever-flowing currents, flowing us from place to place.

We never stay in the same spot for too long. But throughout life, we share in these savored moments of reflection and tranquility.
These are moments where we can feel cared for and safe.

We sense the loving and nurturing power of Mother Earth.
Everything we need, we have access to.

All worries and fears are at bay.
In moments like this, there lies an important medicine.
Gratitude washes over us, and we are recharged for whatever is to come.


The water is clean.
The air is sweet.
Gold Light shines through the dancing leaves.
The soil is soft.
The breeze is warm.
All tucked away, safe from harm.

Natalie Lain


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