Weekly meditative session 4


This time of isolation is giving me enough time to study different musical instruments, including sarangi.

This new journey began several years ago: in 2015 I attended the Atlas Academy in Amsterdam, an international meeting for composers and musicians devoted to the development of new intercultural music.

During those days I was able to get to know many instruments from all over the world that enriched my musical productions and reach one of my goals: have lessons with Dhruba Ghosh, great indian sarangi player.
We had three that I recorded and I keep listening from time to time.

Second one was about bow technique, expression through the instrument and intentions behind our playing, he gave me beautiful exercises that i’m practicing in these last weeks.

The voice you’ll hear in this session is from that lesson.

Dhruba Ghosh passed away two years after and I haven’t the chance to meet him again.

I keep a precious memories of those moments that after years continue to teach every time I listen to the recordings.

Dhruba Ghosh demonstrates sarangi: www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_yMf_Ra9XM

Artwork is a sarangi pic from my uncle Matteo Mantovani

Third week: lorenzochill.bandcamp.com/track/dawn-meditative-session-3

Second week: lorenzochill.bandcamp.com/track/path-meditative-session-2

First week: lorenzochill.bandcamp.com/track/lightness-meditative-session-1

As every week huge thanks to anyone who will support me on this journey, much love

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