The Psicantria (Sung psychopathology) project borns from the collaboration between Gaspare Palmieri (art name Gappa), psychiatrist and songwriter and Cristian Grassilli, psychotherapist and songwriter and aim to let people know about the psychic disturbances and the “psychoworld” through the song. Till the very beginning Lorenzo Mantovani is involved in the project as multi-instrumentalist and arranger.
The project claims three cd-books.

“But the real intuition, by Palmieri and Grassilli, is that the music, better, the song, is a fantastic, cheap, means, to create empathy, to arouse participation: I am ready to bet that these songs, catchy, sometimes even danceable, would be able to move emotions even in those who were not particularly interested in investigating their own and others’ existential condition… and think that it would be enough to hear a song to find ourselves singing together, playing, sharing”.

(Francesco Guccini)

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