Lo.renzo combines electronic global bass music with the unique voice of the sarangi, classical intstrument discovered during a trip in India, searching for every possible interaction.
This musical journey is the translation of the complex path taken by the study of sarangi integrated with many other instruments like guitar, ocarina, percussions and banjo.
Lo.Renzo releases music with the labels Blue Hour SoundsOuttallectuals Collective, Merkaba Music, Sofa Beats, Visionary Shamanics Records and has played all over Europe in the last years.

Main past gigs:

Tree of life (GR)
Andra Vaerlden Gathering (SWE)
Ekodrom (HR)
Wao (IT)
Sonica (IT)
One love festival (CH)
Yaga Gathering (LT)
Human evolution (IT)
Blackmoon festival (IT)
Ambiosonic (FR)
Dream Catchers (IT)
SanDrone (IT)

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