New soundscape from POAN!

A new soundscape from POAN is out now!


“Our new soundscape is a journey within the deep breathing and rumbling of a Volcano.

Listeners will feel surrounded by bubbles, rocks, hisses and fractures, slowly leading to some sumptuous explosions, evolving then into the peaceful melodies of a new breed of life.”


Listen it on bandcamp!

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6 Replies to “New soundscape from POAN!”

  1. It’s one of the easiest posts I had to make… and I have not asked for comments but boom! it’s one of my most popular posts in terms of comments.
    But small web sites with limited readership shouldn’t get too upset if they aren’t overflowing with comments. Not every reader is going to have something to say about every post and the fewer readers, the less chance of a comment.

  2. How do you know if you get “enough” comments? Beats me, but if YOU don’t think you are getting enough, you are probably right..
    Really comments are great and a yardstick of popularity and good content. But one thing when we see some comments for a post we also tempt to comment two lines. Am I correct?

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