Graduated in guitar at the Academy of Modern Music I continued my studies with several masters in Italy and abroad (Scott Henderson, Bob Brozman, Carl Verheyen, Richie Kotzen and Jon Gomm) following numerous lessons and workshops.

Over the years the guitar has been flanked by several musical instruments that have found room in my work: mandolin, banjo, ukulele, cumbus, sarangi, charango, ocarina, frame drum and many more…

The study of music from the world has been deepened with several important experiences like the RagaTala Lab at Jodhpur (India) and the Atlas Academy at the Amsterdam Conservatory.

The notes of these instruments went to enrich my musical projects with which I had the opportunity to play in Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, England, Lithuania, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and India.

I also work as music, guitar, ukulele and home recording teacher as well as, guitar lessons, ukuleles and home recordings as well as musical activities for kindergartens and musictherapy sessions.

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